Thursday, March 3, 2011


Remember, remember when the sun was shining so hard that we were banished outside because of parental concern, so we took up the Boggle board, those lettered-dice clattering for four days straight, and sat at a picnic table to play.  And no one would play with us because we’d wipe the floor with them and we got too competitive because I was winning and pretended not to care and you were losing and pretended not to care. 
Remember, remember when we got tired of being around those so much older and those so much younger so we ran away to the fort to make a music video, just the three of us.  And we could sing and swear without anyone listening in and it was a sweet release of realization that we are all so incredibly diverse but we could not love each other more. 
Remember, remember heated topics over coffee, squeezed-shut eyes against the smoke, sunsets sinking over the Sound.  Remember, remember. 
Years stretch.  Love does, too.

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