Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I think I need a new town, to leave this all behind

Hot chocolate: I'm drinking some.

Just finished packing.  The Beatles made a good soundtrack.  One duffel filled with clothes, one backpack stuffed with books.  One of my favorite things about packing is picking out the outfit I'm going to wear the next day.  I'm not one to choose my clothes the night before at any other time, but it's both necessary and fun to do so before flying.  Finding the right combination of comfort and cuteness, mixing in the fact that it might be snowing when I land is a fun challenge.  Plus shoes that aren't a hassle to take off and put on.

I'm just rambling, mostly because I think I need to write something before I leave, you know, to keep the three of you who read my blog in the loop.  I'm really excited.  I'll try not to have too much fun without you.  But I get to see Sarah and Jon and they are two of my most favorite people in the world.  And I really love new places.  I like being a stranger.

Take off is in twelve hours.  I'll be the one smiling out the window, watching the world fall away, with her nose stuck in a book for the rest of the flight.

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