Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear sore throat,

Hey old friend. 

Look, I know I've been ignoring you for a few weeks now.  You've been consistently pursuing me, leaving notes, calling day and night, and I am so grateful for your faithfulness.  Please know I never want to ignore you like this.

That being said, I have to let you know that I just don't have time for you.  I could maybe squeeze you in on Friday evening for a few hours, or anytime between March nineteenth and the twenty-second.  But besides that, we might have to put off hanging out until the summer.   Now,  I know that seems like a really long time, but health and I have been really happy together and I don't want to screw things up now after all this time.

I know you understand.  Please know that I think of you with each cup of tea and downing of obscene amounts of vitamin C.  I would appreciate it if you would heed this note and give me a little space.  My table neighbors in the library are judging the throat-clearing noise I keep making on your behalf.

We'll talk soon, I'm sure.


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