Monday, March 9, 2009

On Ali

List of things to do tonight:
  • 9 Questions
  • Journal entries for acting for all the classes since our midterm
  • Finish SMC App
  • Small group
And yet, here I am, writing, because Ali demands it. Since she so desperately wants something to read, I'm going to write about her.
On Friday, Ali and I walked up to Queen Anne in order to be 'productive.' We should have known better. We ran into Nate, and ended up just wandering the gorgeous streets of Queen Anne. It was actually decently sunny in the midst of the ridiculous snow we've been experiencing. Mt. Rainier was beautiful behind the skyline, as we sat at Kerry Park. We cheered on a kid in a red shirt who really sucked at basketball.
Before that, though, we wandered through this tiny park about halfway down the hill where Kirsten's birthday party was a few years ago. I'll never forget the picnic we had there, how Jazzy demonstrated her tricks, and Heather dropping a boche ball on her foot (followed directly by Lauren taking a picture of it). Being there, with the grass and the benches, reminded me so much of those girls I love so much, how much I miss them.
But back to Ali. We eventually managed to shake off Nate, leading to (sort of) productivity for a small amount of time. The barista in Starbucks really liked Ali's purse (awesome, because he was a guy). We saw a lot of cute babies, some people from SPU, couples w/ unknown relationships, and one sad sweater-clad orphan (a la Ryan and Leo).
Then, we walked home (in the dark), and we were telling stories about times where we watched scary movies for some reason. All of a sudden, I glanced behind us because I felt like someone was walking behind us: there was the creeper middle-aged man about 50 feet behind us. It was a little nerve-wracking, but then he disappeared. Also disconcerting. But we got safely home.
Anyway, I really love Ali, and sometimes she tells really fun stories.
Example: "One time… man, this would be such a good story if I could remember what happened!"
Here's some more fun things she has said this weekend:
“I just can’t be comfortable right now. Probably because Norton is over here, glaring at me.”
“Sometimes… late at night, I can’t control what I say.”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, at 1:38 in the morning on Krista’s bed… Ok, that was awkward. I’m not going to talk anymore.”
Basically, Ali is awesome. And I had fun with her this weekend. And we're going to go to small group together soon. And we'll sit on the bed next to each other. And eat cookies. And talk about Jesus.
And, eventually, I'll finish my SMC application.
Probably in the prayer room.
This one isn't from the Bible, sorry guys: "Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that: it lights the whole sky."
-Hafiz (a Persian Poet from the 1300s)

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