Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Last Chapel

This morning, 9:30-10:20 as usual.  Standing beside Alec, exchanging "Good mornings!" for smiles.  But today is different.  It's the last chapel.  And this, for some reason, made me so sad.

Chapel is the best part of my week, hands down.  From turning on the lights in the office, to buying water at Noah's, to blue tape and red signs, to Bob and Alec and the whole gang, to greeting people as they walk in the door, to singing in the lobby.  I love it to no end.  It is such joy to see the same faces come through those doors, week after week; these hundred or so willing to sacrifice precious sleep to start their Tuesday with the Word.  They bless me with their willingness, with their smiles, with their hands raised in worship, with their hugs and familiarity with each other.

Chapel, chapel, chapel: how I love you.  Your intimacy, your sincerity, your simplicity.

My 'sermon notes':

"Good morning!"
The last service -
My heart is breaking.

[that's you]
Shines from within
Even when "I'm fine."
You rock!
I love you;
I'll miss greeting together.

Fracture -
I forgot:
You are broken.
I need to remember.
Sprints past,
Not quickly enough.
Se paciente, por favor.
By darkness;
I need you.
Please don't abandon me.

Means unity:
See the embrace
That cannot be broken.
This brokenness;
Learn to listen
And know the other.
Can escape
The redemptive work
Of our Jesus Christ."
Breathe deep,
Calm your heart,
Be still and know.

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