Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Hands

I took a small break.  But I'm addicted: I readily admit this.  The rain, the piano music, the fact that tomorrow is the end.  Something sparked, and I got two in a row.
Static rain-
Tomorrow promises a different view.
Shadowed eyes-
Tomorrow threatens schism from you.

Trembling prints,
Aching with use;
Too young to be
Struck with abuse.
Aged by the eyes
Crinkled in breaking,
Shaken by tears,
Sorrows ripe for the taking.


Take those hands,
[Yes, yours that are shaking],
And just give them here,
Holden safe from all breaking.
I know I can’t fix you
And that nothing is well;
But open your hands
And reach out of your hell.

Cracked palms-
Today is the day before room rearranges.
Enfolded arms-
Today is the day before everything changes.
Will you play me lullabies, softly stroking the keys?
Will you sing next to me, twisting our voices?
Will you care when I’m sick, and bring soups and teas?
Will you listen even when I’m insane in my choices?
Will you put up with voices I hear in my head?
Will you let me be quiet, and crabby, and mean?
Will you let me curl up beside you in bed?
Will you cradle me when demons will scream?

Will you affirm, encourage, and love to no end?
Will you discuss theology and books that we love?
Will you carry a passion for words and for friends?
Will you never grow tired of laughter and hugs?

Will you walk in the rain while holding my hand?
Will you remind me you’re there with a small touch?
Will you follow your calling, whether humble or grand?
Will you love me and love Him? Am I asking too much?

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