Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ali and I went on an adventure to the Seattle Art Museum today. And it was just great. We took the bus, and it was bright and happy when we left. And we've been trying to go to First Free Thursday at SAM for the past four months or something ridiculous. So it was awesome that we finally got to go.I just love Ali a lot. And I love museums a lot. And we both have good stories about the museums we went to in Europe last summer, when we were there at the same time and didn't even know.
And we both have this awesome habit of eavesdropping on people on the bus, or random guys who are having intense discussions about still lifes.
We saw some awesome things, like this portrait of an old woman (she just looked so cool), and this one painting where the candle was just like attacking it was so real, and some weird modern art including a moose and an AWESOME giant mouse sitting on top of a bed.
But the coolest thing we saw was this room devoted to the work of Titus Kaphar. It was the coolest modern art I've ever seen. Here's his blog: Unlike most modern art, which is a green and a blue circle on a red canvas, his paintings are making statements about race, and politics, and society. And they were just so interesting.
Eventually, we saw everything, including some cars hanging from the ceiling, and walked out onto the rain-soaked Seattle sidewalks to catch a bus back to campus.

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