Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Raids

Arms bruised, knees grass-stained, vocal chords strained, eyes dry, cheeks sore.


I am in love with so many of these people around me. Whether it's Sean's clammy hand clasped in mine during Red Rover, Megan's ridiculous dance moves, Taylor screaming "Yode," Jillian laughing with pure joy, Houston flying through the air, Anthony and Holly walking back to Hill alone together, Lara and Jess accosting me while in the Safeway parking lot, or Ben...

These are the people I love.

Whether they're in metallic shorty shorts or SPU sweatshirts and jeans, they are my joy.

Even with Cody's tiny butt in my face, Elliot spouting off curse words, or Justin and Candice mocking one another, still it is just this joy.

We laugh. We are [so incredibly] loud. We sing. We skip. We hug. We touch. We love.

Oh man, you guys: my heart is blown away.

1 comment:

  1. I could not POSSIBLY agree more. oh anna, this post exactly describes my life and how i've felt the past few weeks.
    i love you. and i feel so blessed.