Sunday, May 31, 2009

On May Drawing to a Close


Learning lessons of love in UFND.
Scribbling the first lines of a sonnet in Chem.
Playing Dutch Blizt on a blanket on the beach.
Getting my first painful sunburn of the summer.
Raiding Candice's closet.
Watching the lovely Dahlstrom sisters make crepes.

Second date...
Eating dinner in Gwinn (of course).
Driving in Ben's car to Alderwood.
Wandering through Pottery Barn; quick stop at the Apple store.
Watching Up (with the adorable happy little cloud short before).
Driving to Bothell.
Packing adventures.
Wandering the labyrinth of Albertson's, in desperate search for Rosarita.
Snatches of Pride and Prejudice, bits of conversation, barking of tiny dogs.
Lovely car rides (so many of them) filled with the Killers, Coldplay, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Barcelona, Shane and Shane. Also laughter and smile-filled silence.
Surveying all of Seattle from atop Gasworks hill, the lights of the city reflected in perfectly still water, sun-warmed air slowly cooling. Stories of Europe and life. A perfect moment beneath the stars.


A complete lack of productivity.
A quick visit from Ben.
A sunny walk down to the canal; time with ducks and God.

"Left on Smith! Left on Smith!"
Link Tag.
Ultimate Frisbee.
Four Square.
Extreme Simon Says.
Amazing view of Mt. Rainier.
Sitting on a low concrete wall, watching Seattle after dark for the second night in a row.
Someone amazing sitting beside me.
Standing in a parking space, unable to make decisions.
Run to Wendy's.
Sitting in the lounge, Jill and Taylor, Ben and me.
One last hug good night.


Paper writing.
Sonnet scanning.
Cloud-filled skies.

Knowing that summer is too close.


  1. Such an amazing weekend!! It would have been perfect if the refried beans were with all the other beans:) You are the best!!

  2. this past weekend was SO much so i kind of want to do it again.