Thursday, February 24, 2011

a small safe place in a troubling world

Rainy sounds drown out the silently disappointing snow.  I miss autumn - bring back those leaves and those breezes and those October days warm enough to pretend it's summer and those clouds and those sunrises over the mountains you can watch with your hands cupped around a mug of tea and your breath billowing out, visible.

My arsenal is filled with vitamin c and hot water.

There's been a certain unexpectedness to these last weeks, a learning that only sleeplessness can bring, a laughter that only being caught talking to yourself by a stranger can bring, a loneliness that only silence can bring.

I have a lot to say about this, but I've tried countless times to find the right words.  They are elusive.  I'm sorry I cannot be perfectly articulate like you are.

In the end, it comes down to this:
Dear friend,
Know that you are loved.  Know that I want you to find a small safe place in the midst of a troubling world and I will do everything that I can to help bring that about.  I don't know what that looks like, I'm not sure I've seen it yet, but you deserve safety and comfort and the stability of knowing that you will not be betrayed or exploited or bullied.  You are worth so much.  Keep breathing.

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