Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moats and Boats and Waterfalls

I don't think "my ears feel weird" is a valid medical complaint.  Not one that will allow me to skip out on my midterm tomorrow at least.

Patience.  We're begging.

Jill and I have been playing on the swings across the street.  I swear, there's no better feeling - the closest we'll come to flying.  Racing through the cold air, lungs stinging with each breath, hands going numb wrapped around chains, legs tiring from pumping.  Nothing beats it.

My three skills: cookie baking, sentence diagramming, and locating books in libraries super fast.  My future looks incredibly promising.

Perspective on life has gotten really small; I'm trying to blow it back out instead of sitting here stewing in frustrations and judgments.
I am the Lord,
Your Holy One,
Israel's Creator,
Your King.
Isaiah 43:15
When sleep is not a cure all, water.  And more water.  And perhaps a little tea.

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