Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Blue Eyes

I got a glimpse into your mind last night. 

Before, you were just that hipster with the beautiful blue eyes who sat one seat up and one seat over in British Lit.  You were just that random English major that I recognized when you came to chapel and smiled every week as you took a bulletin.  You were just that friend of a friend, one of the hundreds of familiar faces. 

But I got a glimpse into your mind last night.  Do you know how much it made me smile?

Yes, you wear plaid.
Yes, you're an English major.
But you want to write (and do write) beautifully.
And you love the LORD with a heart that stops mine.

And your eyes are still so beautiful.

I just... love people.  Sometimes it's so much easier to love strangers than to love our friends.  Does anyone else think that, or am I just out here in crazy land by my lonesome? 

[Like last night, when Jill was talking about, 'sometimes do you get the realization that you're a person, and you're seeing out of your face from your own perspective, and everyone else is a person, too, and they're all seeing out of their faces?!'  and I said, 'YES!'  Affirmation of sanity is greatly appreciated].

Sometimes, I just get really excited about people I don't know.  I want to be friends!  And it is [so much] joy in my life to talk to God about them.  Seriously.  I just get really excited: who knows why?  I want to think that's it's something placed in my heart on purpose; to be able to love strangers around me even though I don't know them at all.  Maybe they need someone praying for them and thinking they're really great.

Because I think you're really great.  And you are so important to me.  Do not lose heart.

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  1. your passion for people is inspiring. it's one of my favorite things about you.