Thursday, April 8, 2010

On Sleep and Yesterday

Let's face the facts here: I am really bad at sleeping.

Most people who know me know this.  I'm just a picky sleeper.  It needs to be quiet.  It needs to be dark.  It needs to be not too cold but not too warm.  And it needs to not be moving.

Alas, even when all of these criteria are lined up nicely, sometimes the sleep refuses to come.  My mind won't turn off, my heart won't stop racing, my thoughts won't subside, my twisting and turning will not be stilled.


I'm conditioned to function pretty well on limited sleep.  But it makes me crabby and impatient.  Sometimes, I don't realize, but I did yesterday.  First the line at Gwinn for lunch...  And second, wanting to rip off the head of the girl sitting behind me in UFND who was crunching on ice for the last hour of class.  Oh my gosh, I was so mad.  But I looked at myself (that's a fun trick), and said, "Hey, calm down a little.  It's just ice.  Don't even worry about it.  You're supposed to be Miss Mellow.  Let's get back to the happy place, ok?"

Speaking of happy places, yesterday (after the ice crunching) was fatastical. 
Salmon 'n' chips and pier wandering.
Jumping pictures and frozen fingers.
Toilet paper wrappings and condiment naming.
Jesus videos and laughing laughing laughing.
I love celebrating people.  And I love Michael.  So it was a great, happy, super, apple slices happy time.  Love when the four of us are together.
Photo Credits: Em Weissman

All this to say: in the midst of sleep deprivation, not really wanting to be here, a lack of motivation to try at school, and really cold hands, God is good.  He provides.  In reminders of his love: through adventures with friends; through hugs and words of affirmation and cups of tea; through the community of group mixed with the musical feel of chapel; through a corner of my desk with lantern, sister picture, flowers, and balloon; through cancelled class; through so many things, He reminds me that I am His and all will be well.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Anna, I totally needed to read this. Especially the "not wanting to be here, lack of motivation" ... still God is good. He is! I needed that reminder :)

  2. You should have grabbed the ice and put in down your pants. I realize out of context of Quelf that sounds inappropriate. Apologies. I love you.