Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a Good Morning

Alarm sounds at 6:55 A.M.  Exhaustion has not been cured.
Too hot, too cold, too hot.  Music doesn't fit the mood.
Crabby, quiet.  Eyes red and sleepy behind contacts.
Blueberry pancakes; listen to the crew team laugh.
Freezing cold, sitting on a bench at the bus stop.
Walking across the loop, trying to be awake.
Take a peek in the mailstop, find it empty.
Pull open one glass door to the SUB.
See the coffee line, the bagels too.

"Good morning."

Scurry, scurry up the stairs.
Smiling sheepishly all the way.
Lighting an empty and silent office.
Laughing to myself behind still tired eyes.
Checking email, finishing tasks, writing guidelines.
Greeting each other, organizing spreasheets, yawning.
Getting ready for chapel, blue tape and red signs sit together.
Not ready for the day, not ready for the week; I want to run away.
But you're right, it is a good morning.  Thank you for making me smile.

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