Monday, January 3, 2011

Seven Thoughts

  1. Sit and breathe and wait.  Sometimes my mind goes crazy trying to work out all the things I need to do when really the only thing I need to do is sit and breathe and wait.  Sit, looking out at trees that will once again be green, just give them a few months' time (we're all allowed our seasons).  Breathe, because that one's required for living and if you take enough deep breaths you'll be able to keep calm and carry on.  Wait, because time always goes the same speed and there will be moments (so much sooner than you'd like to admit) when you'll be begging the seconds to slow so appreciate this moment now.
  2. There is a certain giddy laughter that almost always accompanies the admittance of not knowing the answers to anything, this flood of certain freedom about an uncertain future threatening to up and drown the asker.  But you keep it bottled, with a cheeky, knowing smile and go on your merry way.
  3. Sometimes I don't like noise, and then I think, "What utter bullshit, you who would have music blasting at all opportunities if granted control of the universe (and amazing music at that), you who does not do well with silence (there has to be some sort of rustling - cue endless internal gabbing), you who merely has a problem with outside noise, with other people noise, with anything you yourself cannot control because you have a pathological desire to control everything!" and then I say, "Can you keep it down?" to my criticism of myself, "I'm trying to listen to the cars go by."
  4. These pages are a good size because I can fill them quickly with little blue words and feel as though I've accomplished something grand with my life.  I'll just be waiting over here for my trophy.
  5. Some of the funniest moments are when I scare myself.  I feel like my cat.
  6. I honestly think, somewhere deep (deep) down, beneath all the yammering and secret desire for all attention to be always and only on me, that I could be perfectly content never having another soul read my writing for the pure and simple reason that I am so entirely entertained by it myself (says she while plotting to post this on the interwebs for others to read and fawn over and give this genius the recognition it obviously deserves).
  7. I miss you.  I can't wait to see you.

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  1. I am often entertained by my own writing and/or stories to a likely inappropriate degree. I am unsure if anyone else quite enjoys them as much.