Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here and There

Judging by the mountain of used tissues in the garbage can beside my bed, someone has come down with a cold.  I'm very good at getting sick during the summer.

A quick note on swallowing:  if we're in the same room and I can hear you swallowing, one of three things needs to change. 
A)  the current volume in the room [it is way too quiet if I can hear you swallowing!]
B)  the distance between our bodies [I should probably not have my ear pressed against your throat if I don't want to hear you swallowing], OR
C)  you need to learn to swallow less loudly [seriously, it's disgusting].

What I've done with this lazy sick day, besides a lot of sneezing and playing an absurd amount of Jewels on my phone [I just got a really high score!], is some youtube-ing.  That's right, I took three hours and watched both Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and A Very Potter Musical.  It was the best choice I've ever made in my life.  Sometimes, I wish my life was Harry Potter.  Admit it: you do too.

In other news, my friends are really cool.  Three are in China, one is in New York, one just got home from Guatemala, one is in Australia.  I like them [am jealous] a lot.

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  1. WHAT! something would be punched if i heard someone else swallowing in the same room and my ear wasn't on their throat.

    Signed: wishing i knew how to follow this blog.