Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Blessings

All of my life,
In every season,
You are still God:
I have a reason to sing.
I have a reason to worship.
God is so good.  In the midst of super pressurized head, losing the ability to sleep through the night, registering nightmares, end of the quarter stresses, uncertainty about just about everything, He blesses immensely.

Yesterday was such a long day, and then class last night was incredibly sobering.  That room on the third floor of Demaray, usually filled with lively discussion, was silent.  A time for lament.  We need the church, because reconciliation cannot be lived entirely on our own.  But the church is broken.  We focus so much on how the church can serve us, how we can learn, how we can worship best, instead of coming to church in order to encounter God in a way that excludes no one.

The church is the most racially segragated institute in America.  How are we supposed to fix this?

Walking away with a heavy heart to stop at the C Store to buy some juice, God reminded me that He is still God in the midst of overwhelming questioning about the state of our church.  He meets us where we are, therefore the church doesn't have to.  He lifts us up, and reminds us of his goodness in so many ways.

In words spoken into my life from Lara.
In the promise of coffee with Dave.
In talking with Andrew as we climbed back to Hill.
In the freshness of meeting a potential new friend.
In a real life talk of how to build frienships while building that friendship even stronger.

Jesus is near.  Glory is here.

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