Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Prayer at group


Jesus, here is my plea: I need you in my heart to carry my always. I am so unstable on my own. You are faithful and just. I need Your joy in my heart in order to show Your love to this world, to those around me. God, I desperately want to be filled up with You.

Take my heart, my anxieties. I trust so much, Lord, that You are holding me. Help me to live each day being fully present; to make each word I speak intentional.

God, I cannot stress enough how unstable I am without You. Please, God, You do not call us to lives of comfort, ease, and security. But You promise joy and peace to our souls. Please, Lord, help me to dwell in You, in the utter stability of Your love.

Can I plainly scream, "Come, Lord Jesus, come"?

I give this heart to You, God, day after day. Rip, mold, form it as you must in order that Your will (oh, the importance) might be made plain, might come to action and fruition through these thoughts, words, movements.

God, speak to my heart. Give me the reassurance that I am where You need me to be, that You want to use me here and now. Teach me how to talk to You, how to listen to Your voice, how to seek Your word, and utterly desire Your presence by my side. Capture me again, Jesus, and do not let me go. I do not want this stagnation and lack of movement. Your call to love is a call to action.

Stop internalizing. This is a cry to myself. We are the body of Christ, the united Church; not individuals in our faith, but collectively the children of light and of love. My focus is so narrowed. Come into my mind, Lord, and break through the walls which constrict thought and emotion. Allow me to hear where You are calling me to serve.

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