Monday, November 7, 2011

if we could just talk about me for a second

So, this blog goes through seasons of Anna-sometimes-has-artistically-vague-writing-spurts-and-needs-somewhere-to-word-vomit-here! type writing, and this may or may not have been one of those.


Anyway, I thought I'd take a second to update those of you who care at all a little bit about my life and what's happening right now (literally, right this second):
  • I'm drinking tea.  Decaf Earl Grey, of course.  Without milk, because I'm out.  It's really a pity.
  • I'm turning 22 next week.  That sounds a lot older than 21 in my head and it's a little scary.
  • I'm graduating from college in five weeks.  That's a lot less scary.
  • I live in a house with ten other women.
  • The only reason this is ok:
    • I have my own room.
    • Also, I love them.
  • I'm dating Joel.
  • I like him a lot.
  • I'm doing Nano again this year.  Current wc: 12,022/50,000.  I'm right on schedule.
  • I'm kicking my sister's ass at scrabble.
  • I'm listening to a playlist called "songs to throw yourself at."
  • I'd rather be sleeping almost all of the time.
  • I have almost nothing that looks like faith or God left in my life at this point.
  • I am utterly and completely content with the above statement.
  • My mug is now empty.
Weirdly egotistical post is weirdly egotistical.  I'm finished.

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  1. I appreciate so much about this post. Hope you got yourself some more tea.