Monday, November 16, 2009

On These Past Three Days

Guys, stop loving me so much, ok?  I'm overwhelmed by it all.  This goes to Jill, Em, Hol, and Ben: without you guys, my life would be lacking much.  I cannot express how much God has taught me this quarter through all of your love, your constant encouragement, your hugs and words, your very presence.  Each one of you is absolutely amazing and my greatest friends in the world.  I love all of you so much, sometimes I feel like my heart is exploding.  Let's be friends for always, ok?  Ok.

Friday:  Rising early for the first time after two days of sleepin' in.  Sleepy Brit Lit class full of John Donne.  Curling up in my giant orange blanket with the novel, vowing not to go to UFND.  Calm Gwinnsy times.  Easy Animal Bio test.  And the promise of an amazing weekend.  Hide and Seek on the floor for an hour (almost suffocating in Taylor's bed, sitting in Holly's closet for ten minutes, listening to Ben's exclamations every time he was found).  Apples to Apples, followed by fellowship, followed by UP (and all the memories that brough to mind.  Also, every girl in the room tearing up).  Snuggles in Holly's bed, followed by an enthusiastic Happy Birthday song once the clock struck midnight.  Climbing into bed, excited for tomorrow.

Saturday: "Good morning, good morning..." A song at 6:48 AM.  Holly and Em being the greatest roommates me and Jill could ever have.  Pumpkin spice pancakes and hot cocoa on an empty floor.  We are so loved.  Climing back into bed (oh, the bliss).  A lazy afternoon, complete with lack of concentration.  Speculation and nerves.  Bananagrams.  Blindfolded in the toaster.  "SURPRISE!"  Everyone I love all in one house.  Oh, how beautiful.  Tacos.  Funfetti.  Coloring.  The smell of leather, familiar lyrics... Hide and Seek.  Friends.  Collapsing into bed.

Sunday: Sleep.  Breakfast picnic.  Christmas music.  Church.  Parents.  Coloring.  Pasta.  Books.  Cuddling.  Snoozing.  Relaxing.  Seven Passages.  Breathless, adrenaline filled hour.  Worship.  Writing.  No sleep.

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  1. I can't fathom how much love was rained down on us. It's crazy. how God has blessed me and you.
    and anna bear, just so you know, you're an absolute JOY to love.